This gin is a tribute to Martin Sessé and his passion for botanicals, passion that we share.

Martin Sessé's Journey

The traveled territory embraced 4 million square kilometers, from Alta California to Oaxaca on the mainland; It also included the islands of Barlovento, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The adventure lasted, between trips and studies, 15 years, included adventured throughout.

Martin Sessé´s legacy

During this trip were established the Botanical Garden of Mexico and the Chair of botany, in addition to a fundamental work that cataloged 3,500 plants for the herbarium, 2,500 unknown in Europe, and about 200 new genders. Martín Sessé and Mociño herbariums can be found today in Madrid, Geneva, Florence, London, Paris and Washington.

Welcome to the world of Martín Sessé

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